Abundance in Disguise

Prairie Grown

This season’s garden has been a little disappointing.  The asparagus didn’t produce much and now the patch is completely choked with weeds that I can’t quite bring myself to tackle.  Every time I walk by I think, “man, I hope it doesn’t completely die.”  The tomatoes, for the second year in a row, are being affected by late blight (and getting eaten by something) and fade away to nothing before they turn red.  The zucchini, so prolific a month ago has succumbed to bugs, and the cucumbers just never took off.   The vole got the beets once again, the brussels spouts are not sprouting, and the carrots are a sorry lot of thin and stubby. There is a lot of failure if failure’s what I’m looking for.

But when I look again, I realize that there are literally thousands of pounds of purple viking and German butterball potatoes in the ground…

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