Becoming Older: Some Reflections

4 thoughts on “Becoming Older: Some Reflections”

  1. Nice thoughts. I’m double your age but appreciate the insights as I too love nature & need to more often stop & smell the roses! Thanks for sharing

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  2. ohhh this post really resonates with me. the last Sunday of June I turned 55, with zero fan fare or celebration…but Tuesday I woke up thinking oh dear god, I AM FIFTY FIVE!!! I was cool with 40, when I turned 49 I set out to do 49 adventures, I did this because I knew far too many people that did not get to be that old, and also the other component of friends that were whining loudly about oh my god I am going to be 50! and not doing a thing about it, but going home and watching tv day after day. My 49 adventures project was completely life altering for me! forever changed…I had rules, it was an awesome project, so awesome I have yet to find the next great project 🙂 loved your post! thank you.


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