As I explore what it means to be a writer, I am noticing a pattern.  I find myself consistently giving voice to stories that illustrate the beauty and importance of living in ways that honor sustainability, truth and authenticity. They aren’t always happy stories, or pretty stories, or stories with a nice ending.  Many of the stories that want to be told right now don’t even have an ending.  Many of the stories that want to be told right now are those that we might not want to hear.  But whatever the story, whether it be my own, or stories of others, or stories of the natural world – It is my hope that by telling these stories, their resonance will grow and inspire change.

We are all on a journey – a journey of present moments that really has no end point – to figure out what it means to exist in our fullest version of truth.  We all have a unique way of being that is life-giving for ourselves, our communities and this planet that we all call home. We all have the capacity to live in a way that feels right, even though we are born into a life situation over which we have little control.  Some of us have a much easier time of it than others — privilege is a very real phenomenon in our world and one that must be considered constantly. But maybe we all, somewhere inside when everything external is stripped away, have the capacity to look at the world through a lens of abundance and beauty, rather than one of scarcity and lack. Those who have little and can find the joy in what they have are some of our greatest teachers. Gratitude has saved more than one life on this earth.

Thank you for your presence here, and may your time on earth be one of wellbeing, peace and commitment to what you deem as enough for a beautiful life.