She feels her kinship with the land take on a new energy, a pull from the belly, ancient bedrock’s call.   Her feet become deep roots thirsty for soil, her legs stems of a sunflower, spine the trunk of a mighty oak.   Reaching arms of lavender lilac branches around the sun, she blooms like … Continue reading Metamorphosis

Still the Flames Dance

As the flames dance, the fire tries to burn itself out, and the house settles and sighs, letting its bones relax into the dark softness of night. The snow, first of the season, lingers outside, capping this little part of earth in white. Autumn is upon us, and winter waits in the corner, just about … Continue reading Still the Flames Dance

Broken Hallelujah

If you’ve been following along here or on social media, you’ve likely noticed that poems have been the theme as of late, especially April.  Here in Minnesota, it was a cold spring, and I was at what would be the close of a very long struggle with persistent illness – not the sort of illness … Continue reading Broken Hallelujah

Three Broken Hallelujahs

The first came when you realized life had to be lived from attention, not distraction because that meant slowing down enough to notice the way the soil smells after the rain. The second came when you noticed the delicate beauty of a fern uncurling the first spring after the wildfire burned your beloved forest to the ground. The third came when you witnessed that convict in orange – the … Continue reading Three Broken Hallelujahs


We put on mud boots and walk down to the lake where the sun is encouraging the spring runoff to go.     So we go, too, and I forget the iphone.   You poke at the ice, intent on making a clear path for the water to run, wholly absorbed in your task.   … Continue reading Freedom


I picked up a stone the other day on a rocky beach and all at once I was a part of something bigger than myself; something sacred.   How does the earth always know how to remind me I am made of the same stuff as stars and water and rocks and all the other … Continue reading Superior


When the door slams may its reverberations create just enough opening for potential,   joy,   and love as the old startles the new into being.   May we use the closing — no matter how harsh — to create space for the thoughts, the energy, the experiences that bring such things — like potential … Continue reading Phoenix