Flowers Climbing Fences

5 thoughts on “Flowers Climbing Fences”

  1. Thank you for these reminders, Heidi. I live in Shanghai and our life hasn’t been “like normal” since mid-January. Schools and some businesses and public areas are still closed. My family and I are doing as well as can be expected, thankfully. But my mind always wanders to others, and leans toward worry, so this period of time has been helpful in the sense that we can only live in the present, there are so many unknowns going forward. I’ve found ways to ground myself, which is very important. Your words have been an additional balm. Thank you again! I send warm regards!

    Sincerely, Kara

    On Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 8:19 AM Heidi Barr | Author wrote:

    > Heidi Barr posted: “Depending on where you are currently located in the > world, Corona Virus has probably impacted you in some way — whether it’s > become a central focus (maybe you got sick, or know someone who was > potentially exposed..) to something that’s just another blip ” >


    1. Thanks for your comment, Kara – it’s so good to hear you’ve found some ways to stay grounded and present, despite so many unknowns. Wishing you and your family much peace in the weeks to come.


  2. Always sound advice, Heidi, but especially timely right now. As a retired nurse and commissioner for our local hospital district, I’m quite focused on CORVID-19. Although my age puts me in the higher risk group, I’m not terribly concerned for myself. But I do think of the many elders in my community who are much higher risk and also need social connection. I’ll be making more phone calls and sending notes in the coming days. Thank you for the soothing words and image.


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