A New Better Off: Living the Good Life

One thought on “A New Better Off: Living the Good Life”

  1. Yes, this did resonate with me so thanks for putting your thoughts together to write this. I too still have those lingering feelings of wanting my kids to be ‘better off’ and having both something rewarding that pays the bills. I am hopeful for them. I have also really tried to role model that work can be meaningful and make a conscious effort to have good energy around work/life. So many parents are burned out, coming home and complaining about their work and then in the next sentence are telling their kids to do well in school so they can get a job. “For what?” the kids are thinking, “so I can be miserable like you?” As I’m writing this, maybe that’s why millenials are pushing back so hard, they have been listening to their parents bitch and moan for too long and they are taking a stand.


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