Let’s Be Dazzled

Still, what I want in my life is to be willing to be dazzled— to cast aside the weight of facts and maybe even to float a little above this difficult world. I want to believe I am looking into the white fire of a great mystery. I want to believe that the imperfections are nothing— that the light is everything—that it is more than the sum of each flawed blossom rising and fading. And I do.

~Mary Oliver

With December comes another solstice: The end and the beginning. The sun continues to rise and set in an ancient rhythm, and the promise of light shines through the dark that falls early this time of year. Another year is almost over as a new one waits in the wings to take its place.

May the close of this year leave openings for more potential, more joy, more light, and more love as a new one begins.

May we use this closing to create space for the thoughts, the energy, and the experiences that bring such things into being.

May our versions of what is enough to live a beautiful life rise from any embers left in the ashes of the old.

May what rises be enough, and let us see the beauty in that.

Let’s be dazzled by what’s possible when we show up that way.


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