Ceremonies of the Ordinary

8 thoughts on “Ceremonies of the Ordinary”

  1. Wonderful as always Heidi, I have been trying to practice noticing day to day simple things. Taking a few more seconds to soak up a hug with my daughters, making sure I wrap my arms all the way around them, and hug a little longer. Noticing textures, colors, and movement at times you would look elsewhere. Sometimes I feel like it is corny but then I think about the day I look back on my life and it will bring me joy to know I paid attention to details and the simple things we sometimes regret.

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  2. Your lemon tea is a marvelous antidote to the huge projects and expenditures we’re bullied and chivvied to undertake!


  3. In the midst of my own reflections on “the year in review,” I realized that none of the most momentous events were anything I had any clue of as the year rolled over. So yes, I’m all in on the ceremonies of the ordinary. Like this hot cup of coffee, the first one every morning….

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