Healing through Hiking

4 thoughts on “Healing through Hiking”

  1. You put my feelings into words so precisely, Heidi. We’ve had winter and spring weather similar to yours (though not as cold in the winter, but cold for us) that’s kept me more indoors. And, as you described, so much in the world is weighing me down. Your words today encouraged me to do those tiny things (maybe 12, maybe fewer) and to show up for wildness (walking shoes, here I come). And your new poetry collection, “Slouching Toward Radiance,” is always close to nudge me along (I’m happy to tell others about that!). Thinking of you on the trail.

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  2. Long time Heidi and so refreshing to read your post which, apart from me being retired now, resonates in so many ways.
    I hope all is well with you and yours. All is well over here in north west England.
    Interestingly enough I saw your post the other day on the Reader and promised to revisit.
    Coincidentally I am just revisiting my journal of end of March-early April 2020 following my premature return home from The Gambia, West Africa due to Covid 19.
    I discovered your 12 tiny things before I left Gambia and wrote about them shortly after my return. Interestingly enough I see that Space is the only item on the list I have missed out. Catching up with myself and trying to create space is a recurring theme in my posts.

    Thank you Heidi for the big nudge to get out again in our local country park because for some of the reasons you mention I haven’t been able to do so.
    Take care.

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